Illuminati Talisman: Silver Rhodium


In Illuminati imagery, Rhodium is the metal of the moons. Found on Earth in the uncommon stockpile, it sparkles with a brilliant white surface that deifies the intensity of this present planet’s lunar friend. Indeed, even in the darkest occasions, the moon enlightens mankind and breathes life into amicability most antiquated solidarity – the consecrated security between the dull and the Light.

Strikingly one of a kind, the Illuminati Talisman is an image of humankind’s incomparable reason. The Talisman is a guide that distinguishes other people who follow the Light. As you travel through life’s excursion, you will find other people who have submitted their lives to the headway of the human species. Wearing the Talisman makes your partners simpler to discover even in the midst of this present planet’s darkest occasions.


1″ metal, rhodium plated with necklace chain included. This item contains small parts and is not recommended for young children. Pieces may contain zinc or nickel metal.

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