Illuminati Talisman: GOLD


Strikingly one of a kind, the Illuminati Talisman is an image of humankind’s incomparable reason and force. World-class people of assorted types wear the Talisman as a characteristic of distinction and worldwide solidarity of the human species.

In light of overall demands, the Talisman is currently accessible in its most shocking structure: plated in stunning gold.

Consistently, the Talisman is shown by a large number of people from all sides of the Earth. Christians, Muslims, Atheists, devotees and non-adherents of different sorts wear the neckband as an indication of their duty to this worldwide solidarity. The image’s fascination with the Light has been credited to sensational changes in the lives of the individuals who wear it.

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The Talisman is a beacon that helps identify others who follow the Light. As you travel through life’s journey, you will discover others who have committed their lives to the advancement of the human species. Wearing the Talisman makes your allies easier to find even amidst this planet’s darkest times.


1″ metal, gold plated with bronze chain included. This item contains small parts and is not recommended for young children. Pieces may contain zinc or nickel metal.


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