The original Illuminati bunch was established in Bavaria in the eighteenth century by Adam Weishaupt, an anti-clerical teacher who wanted to limit the interference of the Church in public life.


Convinced that religious ideas were not, at this point an adequate belief framework to administer current societies, “he decided to find another type of ‘illumination’; a lot of ideas and practices that could be applied to radically change the way European states were run”. He based his secret society on the Freemasons, with a hierarchy and mysterious rituals, and named it the Order of Illuminati to mirror the enlightened ideals of its educated individuals.


The Illuminati was stamped out by an administration crackdown on secret societies in the late 1780s, however gossipy tidbits that it continued to survive as an underground organization have persisted into the present day.


Among the alleged individuals from the secret society are politicians and religious leaders, yet additionally actors and pop stars. ‘I want to join a secret society‘, is this what you are thinking? This is the time now.


The Illuminati theory has no small number of committed adherents, particularly in the US – according to a survey, around 15% of the American electorate believe that the Illuminati exists.


How did the cutting edge fantasy create?


In a 2017 interview, David Bramwell, “a man who has dedicated himself to documenting the origins of the fantasy”, said the present day Illuminati legend was influenced not by Weishaupt yet rather by LSD, the 1960s nonconformity, and specifically a content called Principia Discordia.


One of the main defenders of this new ideology was a writer called Robert Anton Wilson who wanted to bring chaos back into society by “disseminating misinformation through all portals – through nonconformity, through the mainstream media,” claims Bramwell.


He did this by sending fake letters to the men’s magazine Playboy, where he worked, attributing smoke screens and conspiracy theories, for example, the JFK assassination, to a secret elite organization called the Illuminati.

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