Everything about Illuminati you were too afraid to ask

When it comes to shadowy cabals that supposedly control the world, the Illuminati should be on top of the conspiracy theorist’s list. The Illuminati was not always just some crazy chimera – it used to be a real group with ambitious goals. And even though it doesn’t exist anymore, the fact that most of the people still have paranoid beliefs about it reveals a lot about power and our culture. Join Illuminati online to know everything about it.

What is the Illuminati?

It is a savagely guarded and powerful organization that secretly controls the entire modern world, probably while wearing cloaks. It has done this primarily through infiltrating the media and brainwashing everybody. It could be doing it now.

Alternatively, it is one of the world’s most persistent conspiracy theories. Illuminati enthusiasts believe that something is up with everything ever, which as it turns out is very difficult to approve.

When was it founded?

It has existed since the dawn of time. The insignia can be seen on the pyramids, its influence was evident around the life of the Christ and their top bananas. Alternatively, it was founded in Bavaria on 1st May 1776.

What is it trying to do?

It wants nothing less than to establish a new world order – over which the authoritarian gang of elites would rule, and under which nation-states would be banished. It is also part of a fight against fake news, which started in the 1960s. A journalist called Robert Anton Wilson, along with a writer called Kerry Thornley decided that the world was becoming too authoritarian, and one way to shake it would be to get people to start questioning what they read.

They started sending fake letters from readers talking about a secret organization known as Illuminati. They hoped that these contrary points of view would get people to view the news a little more skeptically. Instead, every person just got excited about the Illuminati and thought to join illuminati online for free.

Who is in the Illuminati?

Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, yes, the music industry in fact controls the planet, via, we should assume, the increase of free music-streaming services, which are rapidly causing their own demise.

Alternately, none of them are in the Illuminati, because, instead of sending hooded figured to deal with, they deliberately encourage the rumors. Join the Illuminati brotherhood to know more about the group and get famous.

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