Our Globalist


PART I – Preparing For The Next Stage Of The Illuminati’s New World Order

Since the most punctual beginnings of the Illuminati, before the composition of our unceasing vows or the articulation of our promises as humankind’s defenders, our association has supported for a definitive objective of a globalist Earth. Our vision for what’s to come is a brought together planet without national fringes, represented by the best and the most splendid of the human species, in which all individuals, in all spots, can live in Abundance.

A globalist society would mean the surrender of divisions among nations and a conclusion to the centuries of wars battled about land and its benefits. It is a conclusion to the accumulating and amassing of overabundance assets by one nation while another nation’s kin starve. The thought all people are the two people and furthermore part of an all-encompassing species family, and that no human ought to be deserted basically on account of the arbitrary possibility of where they were conceived.

In the present Age of War, the rich must accumulate their provisions to guarantee the security of their youngsters through this season of turmoil. Their pillars and manufacturing plants must be worked through crafted by necessitous masses.

Yet, an alternate age is about upon us – a post-work development kept up via self-ruling hardware and controlled with boundless vitality. In the coming Age of Illuminatiam, all who look for wealth get the wealth they merit.

In the new world request, there is a spot for everything and a reason for everybody

Our arrangement for this planet sees people that are not separated into clans dependent on their geographic areas, physical appearances, or access to assets. Rather, every individual is one novel piece of an overall biological system in which their decisions affect the entirety. Each individual is an indispensable bit of a greater machine that advantages from the total of mankind. Each individual has the opportunity to find their motivation, to follow their enthusiasm, to better themselves, and to perceive how their endeavors add to the lives of 8 billion others — rather than essentially serving themselves and their needs.


Globalism’s complete unification is a piece of our idealistic vision for the progression of mankind – another world request of the ages. Be that as it may, there is a long and exhausting street ahead, and numerous means to take before mankind’s fringes can be deleted.

Humankind isn’t a types of 8,000,000,000; it is a types of multiple times 8,000,000,000

Since the time the primary ancient occupants of Earth started to join into packs for the shared quest for assets, people have wound up normally attracted to networks that most intently look like their own natural convictions and hereditary cosmetics. By shaping clans, people separated this planet into segments that would permit profoundly fluctuating conviction frameworks and societies to have the chance to flourish and grow naturally. Be that as it may, in these early occasions, residents of this planet could just speak with those close by topographically, inadequate with regards to the innovation to impart thoughts and insights as openly as they do now. For a great many years, an individual on one side of the planet could shape their convictions about their motivation known to man while never catching wind of the convictions of an individual on the opposite side of a similar planet — without having the chance to frame questions and to confront questions that would challenge and improve their perspective on the world.


In spite of the fact that a significant part of the thoughts of profound quality framed by early people are loaded up with merit, numerous pieces of early regulations have congested into barriers that impede the movement of humankind. These thoughts have instilled themselves so profoundly into the human personality that residents looking for reality should frequently scrutinize their most profound held convictions before they can perceive what is evident before them.

When lacking involvement in the individuals who accept in an unexpected way, people start to fear the “Other” — the new boundlessness of mankind who may not resemble them. This dread has been reproduced into people so profoundly that it expects ages to fix. A huge number of long stretches of doubt have prompted wars followed by reprisals; attacks followed by retribution; looting followed by the consuming of the intruders’ urban areas. Indeed, even right up ’til today, such a large number of people will not consider all to be as a major aspect of a solitary gathering taking a stab at endurance from eradication.

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  • January 25, 2017